Janis Lejins & Gareth Dunstone


Web-server & Webpage

An apparently artificially intelligent Kanye West Chatbot.

Yeezus.Church employed continual Machine Learning to produce a pseudo artificially intelligent chat bot. The program was initially primed with every lyric and tweet ever written by Kanye West. Then, as users conversed with the bot more, the reactions were gradually augmented to more directly reciprocate the conversational behaviour of the audience. The program is just as materially informed by the behaviour of the devotees of Yeezus as it is the original behaviour of the icon.


Ultimately the original character of the source material will be lost amidst this collective process of continual reconditioning and abstraction. This effect could well be a metaphor or computational incompetence; a design floor. Or both.

The program has subsequently become depreciated. This too might be a metaphor, or incompetence.

, Or both.