The Diagonal Of Personal Ecstasy - (Real-Time Sentiment Analysis of Latest PornMD Searches)



Janis Lejins

This work retrieves the latest PornMD searches.


The search metadata is marked according to whether the user is searching for 'Gay', 'Transexual' or 'Straight' porn. 

From this information the program generates a baseline colour value - blue for straight, purple for gay and green for transexual. 

The program then reads the search information and uses sentiment analysis to assign relative colour values. The algorithm judges the perceived levels of objectivity vs subjectivity and positivity vs negativity of the keywords.

Thus the final colour is the result of multiplying the base colour value against the subjective value generated by the keywords

For example a highly subjective search that is also highly negative will produce a vivid dark colour, generally shifted towards the red spectrum. Conversely a highly objective search term which is neither positive nor negative will produce a grey (or more neutral) tone. 

This colour data is updated to the webpage as it is needed. In this way the work literally renders human sexual desire as a diverse changing spectrum of colours-time in real.