Janis Lejins


13 8" x 10" Silver Gelatin Prints hung in a Greek (Equilateral) Cross & a taxidermy Canary on the floor.


This work was made between the 11th of April - 10th of June 2011. 

American Christian Radio host Harold Camping said the Rapture and Judgment Day start on May 21st, 2011. Camping said it would take 5 months to complete. 

For three months the artist was hell bent on documenting the end times. The resulting images (mostly skyscapes), and a dead canary he ordered off the internet, is the closest he got to the end of reality as we know it.

Eventually the artist realised that Camping's prophecy was probably bullshit and even if it wasn't no one would survive to see his pictures anyway. So the artist gave up and went off to do something else. The world kept spinning.