- The Arctic Sea Surface TEMPERATURE Anomaly Average for the last 100 days

Janis Lejins


Web Application

This project looks at the most recent Arctic Sea Surface Level Temprature Anomaly charts for the past 100 days. The program views daily updated and archived charts provided by the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Centers for Enviromental Prediction. 

The program reads the last 100 daily charts for the Arctic Ocean then extracts the key dominant colours (excluding white) and their frequency. The map has been colour coded to display the Sea Surface Temprature Anomaly for the given day.

The computer is then able to extract the average colour value, the average temprature anomaly for the area charted. 

The traditional chart key is as follows: 

If an area of the map is green that means that area of ocean is the same temprature as the historical average.

If an area of the map is shifted toward the blue section it indicates it is slightly cooler than average. 

A deep blue denotes a cooling of around -8 degrees. 
By contrast light cyan indicates cooling around -1 degrees

If an area of the map is shifted toward the Red spectrum it indicates a warming Sea temperature.

A deep red indicates warming of around +8 degrees.
A yellow indicates a warming around +1 degrees. 
A deep orange denotes warming inexcess of +2 degrees. 

In this way this work illustrates the clear, and unrelenting, warming of the Arctic Ocean in real time.