disembodied convo 1



Are you coming in?



Noo, reading Wittgenstein:(

For a tute tomorrow




Janis, have you seen my table

it was hanging out with feminists





Sorry was busy


! Janis I don;t understand the concept of refrain

enlighten me


thats the bit i dont really get


so let's go through it together


so come in!\


I understand that D&G take the Heideggerian

understanding of This

as the surface structure

informed by technology

but not entirely sure how they get rid of metaphysics there


i dont think they di



by replacing the world of


here is the refrain

# DELEUZE /// Episode 4: The Ritournelle (refrain) as a Territorial Song invoking the Power of the Cosmos - THE FUNAMBULIST MAGAZINE

picture extracted from Vollmond by Pina Bausch The Ritournelle is a concept created by Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari for A Thousand Plateaus published in 1987. It is the subject of the 11th plateau which is entitled 1837: Of the refrain. It has been translated in fact in English by refrain but, wi...



Yeah, I read that

so they do sort of get rid of metaphysics

by replacing the material of the world as a picture with immaterial


but i dont i think they just embed it?


of a world as a resonant refrain


yesh precisely




a rhizomic 'echo' of acknowledgeing and tolerating the amorphous relations betweeen things no?

which then tolerates hegemony with out promoting dialects



but this is too general

so thats where the surface table thing plays out


cos in that case

becoming -x


what i don't get is what van gough's ear has to do with it




milieu are the same thing

and they are not

rhythm and milieu are born together from the chaosmos of the world

but they are not territory

the refrain represents territory

without demarcation

I get it!


do u?


so this sentence is crucial

The role of the Refrain is bothe territorial and improvisational

so it brings the reality forth (that's what they stole form Heidegger)



Maurice Ravel Bolero London Symphony Orchestra Valery Gergiev

설명 Maurice Ravel, Bolero for Orchestra London Symphony Orchestra Cond. Valery Gergiev



The following excerpt is from the chapter 1730: Becoming-Intense, Becoming-Animal, Becoming Imperceptible in A Thousand Plateaus followed by a video of a choreography created by Maurice Bejart for the Boléro: Bolero is the classic example, nearly a caricature, of a machinic assemblage that preserves a minimum of form in order to take it to the bursting point. Boulez speaks of proliferations of little motifs, accumulations of little notes that proceed kinematically and affectively, sweeping away a simple form by adding indi- cations of speed to it; this allows one to produce extremely complex dynamic relations on the basis of intrinsically simple formal relations.


yes yes, this all makes sense


i get the inflective shift in conceptualising from spatial to aural constructs - because essentially sound unfolds over time, is spatio-temporal, whilst ultimately being intangible and impossible to posses - perpetually pointing to the now in a way which doesn't demand owner ship or domination.


yes! all clear

so refrain

is very specific


ok so play it back to me


as a philosophical formation

it is not tantamount to rhythm

it rather marks the shift from spatial (physical, rooted, total, clearly demarcated)

to aural

pulsating vertically and horizontally

in a way I see it as a cognitive tool

that brings the meaning forth





the meaning which is pulsating and fluid


In mathematics a fractal is an abstract object used to describe and simulate naturally occurring objects. Artificially created fractals commonly exhibit similar patterns at increasingly small scales.


Janis, you make me understand things


be sure to tell Johnny that tomorrow

Tues, 31 Oct at 11:00

You and Sonia will also be reminded 1 hour beforehand.

Change plan

You created a plan.Change


haha, it needs to be mutual tho




it is like a blowjob


im before you

no sheet

blow jobs before johnnie?

how will eliot feel about that?

we had a lunch date tonight

*this arbo


it was glorious


oh, nice, I haven't seen him for days



i found a nice pic tho







ps will u see bladerunner with me?

elena says no

mati says no

bethan says no

mia says maybe

but might be too daty

with her

eliot is broke




i have gift card



sure, I willbe your replacement date

Eliot saw it already

he is not not broke


have u seen in?



would be super nice

I am going anyway this week, so lmk

nice pic?


u a have lovely bum


it's not my bu



KEYWORDS Deleuze and Guattari; Refrain; Rhythm; Territory; Lactation

This escalated quickly


u think?



tell me about the difference between grasp/grasped


learning how to listen

still don't get the bit about the ear.


I don't get the grasp/grasped


simultaneity of grasping grasped

hearing heard


thats what a refrain is

now now

now then

rhythm of being and becoming


okay, cos it's both vertical and horizontal


a spatial


I think ear is an illustration of attunement



but its becoming sunflower?


the 'becoming van Gogh' is becoming the 'becoming sun-flower'


"it is the algorithmic encodings of the zeros and ones, torn from the usual binaric either/or casings, and cast instead as, onthe one hand, the rhizomatic Bodies without Organs, and on the other, the refrain. Wemight wish to call this fractal philosophy: an algorithmic hearing, a learning how to 'takenote'. Deleuze simply calls it 'the task of art.'Listen! Can you hear what is being written? It is the becoming-sunflower of Vincent's lostear"




is the lost ear about attunement

about becoming one another


oh yeahhhhhhhh cause he posted it

then it became a sunflower

becoming one another


becoming sunflower


it is also a reference to schizophrenia

as a natural state of the world

how is the fact he posted it relevant


but not like bipolar

not 1,0


no no





I see it as transformation

violating the body demarcation


quantum(?) - like infinite states in same byte


psyche affecting body and body affecting psyche


like quantum


underwrite way of cohering how we are constituted as subjects of own knowledge



yes yes

(from other reading faucault)


I know

so its a way of coming to terms with x

is what we are saying. aka it philsophy.

but consciously and non-dialectical method which tolerates relations by having groundless ground?

ethos of self-awareness prioritised over self-determination?


yes yes, where is the groundless ground from

cos I have it in my notes

and I didn;t write down the sourse



fuck not sure

i think the big f

u know reading group one.


Lamentations on lactations: a guide to post-natal philosophy


no thats not been read by me yet

ps imma just copy and paste this whole chat into a webpage we can refer to


haha, it doesn't exist, was just playing with words

I also found an essay which says

that breastfeeding is a good illustration of becoming

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