Janis Lejins

2017 - Ongoing

inkjet prints - various sizes.


This is a picture of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

Ansel Adams made picture from this same perspective.

His was black and white.


The silver in the film was mined by a Bolivian child.

A mountain disappeared.


My El Capitan was back lit by my screen.

The screen was was powered by my battery.

The cobalt was mined by a kid in the Congo.




One day my laptop malfunctioned.

The colours were crazy.

I took it to the shop. It was the battery.




My laptop had cobalt poisoning.


I took this photo of my wallpaper on my iPhone.

, The colours came out great.


On reflection it seems that my new wallpaper is actually a bit of an old scene


, and that most of what I just said is a lie.



Not that this really matters now. You are invested.

,  Besides, Landscapes always get the most likes.


They are pretty. Inoffensive.

- Especially when there are rainbows.

, Rainbows are especially inoffensive.


My battery was replaced under warranty. , Apple have heaps.


In the end everything was beautiful and it was mostly frictionless.

This was all fabricated out of sight:

A glitch; A rainbow; A pot of gold.